DXI ENERGY. Resourceful. Enterprising.

Since inception, DXI Energy has consistently seized the advantage of our management team's talent to identify premium assets at optimal timing, and then to monetize those assets for our shareholders.

Leadership's savvy for market timing and financial stewardship, in combination with our team's technical and operational expertise have combined to drive DXI Energy to the forefront of leading growth companies in the oil and gas sector. From our perfectly timed transactions, through our assembly of more than 37,908 enviable net acres of prime oil and gas production land, to our current, flexible approach to exploit those assets, DXI Energy is tracking toward increasing market significance. 

With significant oil and gas assets in key regions of Colorado and British Columbia, DXI Energy is a strong, operating company. Against a context of increasing concern about the domestication of energy production, we're ideally positioned for significant growth.